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The Documentation of the Cultural Heritage of the Bedouins of South Sinai

The project will develop a model for Cultural Resource Management (CRM) for the cultural heritage of South Sinai through the survey, documentation, preservation and management for a sample of archaeological sites, with and for the local community of the Bedouins. This will help us create a sort of a model for cultural resource management in this region and thus further apply it on more sites. The outcome of these activities will be a locally managed node, which will serve as a small museum to house the artifacts found from the survey and serve as a tourist information center. In addition, a small exhibition for the folkloric heritage will be put in this node. This outcome will serve both the Bedouin, tourism and Supreme council.
Objectives : - To maintain and develop the local community through activities consistent with their needs. - To protect and preserve the cultural and natural resources of South Sinai. - To promote local participation in project activities, - To support entrepreneurial initiatives in community.

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Type : International
Duration : 71 Months
Status : Completed
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Partners : International